Path to Infinity: New Live Blackjack Unlimited by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, the developer of many iconic and quite famous live games you often meet in the online casinos, released another hit by the name ‘Infinite Blackjack’. The game, which is streamed from a state-of-the-art studio, can involve an unlimited, or infinite, number of players at a single table.

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Image Path to Infinity: New Live Blackjack Unlimited by Evolution Gaming


Daniel Collins


About the Game

Evolution is a prestigious live titles provider whose assortment also includes numerous blackjack variants. The technologies they used to create Unlimited Blackjack allow an infinite amount of players to gamble at one table simultaneously! That is what we call progress! The game gives players an opportunity to place bets on a single hand. Whether a player hits or decides to stand while other gamers involved don’t, the online hand will be changed. But if we speak about the splits, the situation here differs. When you play in Unlimited Blackjack, you are to follow the essential steps of the blackjack strategy and split the hand at the time the hand is positive. The following two cards can be either folded or used in a hit, both or only one of them. You are not allowed to split another time or double down.

As you would expect from such a great provider, Evolution made their Unlimited Blackjack stand out from versions provided by other developers. The list of these distinctive features includes: Evolution created a new feature, which is a real-life opening in the table. When the croupier places cards inside the opening, they are automatically displayed on the players’ screens. This technology solution was implemented in order to prevent an overflow on the displayed table and to allow gamers to see only these cards that are meant for you.

Optional Side Bets

Infinite Blackjack has great offers of 21+3 bets and Any Pair bets present in the game’s rules. But to top it all, Evolution included such options as Hot 3 side bet together with Bust It. With a Hot 3 bet, a player can win under the condition that the player’s two cards added to the up-card of the dealer sum up to 19-21 during 3 initial rounds. For instance, Hot 3 gives 1:1 for 19, 2:1 for 20, 4:1 and 20:1 for the unsuited and suited overall figure of 20 accordingly, and 100:1 for three 7’s. When it comes to Bust It, players are to stake on the chance of the croupier going bust. The pay-out depends on the dealer’s overall number of cards acquired before reaching the number higher than 21. Bust with three cards means 1:1 and can reach 500:1 if the bust will be with eight cards.

The video play streamed from Evolution’s studio is impressively flawless and the interface of the game is nice enough, though it needs more colors. All croupiers who deal cards in the Unlimited Blackjack are professionals and work decently, as you would expect from Evolution. The developers slightly improved the game and we think that the optional wagers give players great opportunities to profit from this variant of unlimited blackjack. They also make the gameplay more exciting. We want to highlight the fact that the mobile version is excellent and well-thought-of.

Casinos with Unlimited Blackjack by Evolution

We can not name all online gambing platforms that have this game in their assortments since it was newly launched, but despite this we have a list of top live platforms that are affiliates of Evolution. Every casino would be glad to stream such an incredible version of the unlimited blackjack with an infinite number of seats saved for numerous players. Add to that the graphics and visuals that Evolution is known for! If you see this game in the games collection of some casino, don’t waste your chance to get a great gambling experience and try it out!