Altcoins and Live Dealer Casinos 

These days, we have so many players from various territories and so many currencies, and lots of them are accepted in online betting houses. The number of payment options is vast, Visa and Mastercard are not the solely used methods now! But we know that the new and unique currency now wins over the online gambling universe. You know that we are talking about crypto-money! These are digital money working with the help of Blockchain encoding and technologies in peer-to-peer net. Any person who uses the internet has already heard of Bitcoins which is the most commonly used crypto existing. Moreover, besides the bitcoins, people have also created other options to choose from Altcoins. Today, we want to have a closer look at all possible cryptos and see how these alternative money are applied for payment at online gambling platforms.

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Image Altcoins and Live Dealer Casinos 


Daniel Collins


Altcoins in Live Casinos

To begin with, we want to give a small introduction to each of the most prominent altcoins that are used in the gambling field nowadays, because there are actually too many of them and we chose only those currently used. To reach a level of bitcoins, alternative money must acquire a wide public support so that it becomes one of the payment options in casinos. So, below you will find our selection and a short description of their work.

As you understand, Ethereum is a crypto currency which works on the technology of Blockchain and wise agreements. From the beginning it was planned as paymential system which would be available to every person and which would protect the funds and users, and allow instant payments. The net of Ethereum is called Ether. 

Dogecoin was, in fact, meant to be a toylike currency, like one of those face currencies. The maker of this digital money just didn’t know it would become so famous. His idea was to see if Bitcoin can be replaced by some other variant of currency. Thus, the name of the currency simply comes from the meme Doge. Undoubtedly you know that picture of the Shiba Inu breeded dog. These coins are usually used as a tip or an award for good service or contents. 

ZCash was developed by Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. It was introduced to the world back in 2016 and has already taken its place in the list of prominent digital currencies. Its developers strive to surpass Bitcoin in their security system.  

Bitcoin Cash is, actually, the same as Bitcoin itself but the only big distinction being additional 21 millions in use. 

Litecoin was initially a Bitcoin offshoot and it was in the turnover longer than most of the digital money mentioned in this article. It also operates by the same system of operations as Bitcoin does. Furthermore, the current market capitalization of Litecoin is more than $6 billion. 

Ripple, or XRP, was created to operate as a payment protocol. Actually, Bitcoin alike, Ripple works on the distributed open source code protocol while processing operations. The share of the Ripple developers in the market is estimated at around $48 billion. 

Monero, or XMR, as well as the previous currency is based on the open source CryptoNote protocol. Bitcoin alike, it operates on Proof-of-Work together with redistribution. Today the Monero is worth $2,1 billion.

Statis is meant to provide businesses with Blockchain as a service. It was established through crowd funding initiatives. Those who use this digital platform can form their personal blockchains for entrepreneurial purposes. 

The functioning of Dashcoin, or DSH, being an offshoot of Bitcoin, is actually based on the identical technologies and protocols. Initially, the name of this crypto money was Darkcoin. Nowadays, it is widely used on a number of territories. 

Peercoin, or PPC, was introduced to the world in 2012, and, as many other aforementioned currencies, functions using mostly the same systems and codes. The main distinctive feature of PPC is that there is an unlimited number of coins that are in circulation. What we mean is that if compared to Bitcoin, which has a limited amount of coins in the number of 21 mln, there are endless stocks of PPCoins available.  

NeoGas, or Neo, was the first altcoin that was created in China, due to that platform being mostly used in Asian countries. NEO is pretty akin to Ethereum, however, here coins in the number of 100 millions have been circulating after their initial release.  

Later in this article you will discover that many Altcoins are used as payment options in numerous online casinos operating online. To be more precise, commonly used digital currencies as well as alternative coins are accepted by all operators using the SoftSwiss online casino platform, for instance, mBit or Bitstarz casinos.  

Crypto-friendly Live Dealer Titles 

As many gamblers will agree, live dealer games are among the most enjoyable casino offers. This kind of game usually helps players to immerse deeply in the gambling atmosphere, with real-life croupiers there. Moreover, players are able to communicate with other gamers who joined the session from any part of the world. The croupier is here drawing the cards and making announcements, so people get the full gambling experience. Altcoins are often in use when it comes to this kind of game, and it gives players many new opportunities!

We have already mentioned the SoftSwiss platform, and it is actually widely used as the one working with altcoins, and not only this, but also it provides one of the greatest live titles. As we said, mBit together with a casino named Bitstarz are the white label casinos of SoftSwiss. Thus, ETH, DOGE, LTC, as well as BTC Cash are accepted by these operators. We will name some games, played with AltCoins. 

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is the title provided by the developers of Evolution Gaming. It was first introduced to the gaming world in 2018. The rules of the game are classic, but in addition to that the creators included some new interesting features to speed up the gameplay.

To put it short, the game will generate one to five numbers, and these numbers will allow players to receive the bonus payouts with coefficients of 49:1 до 4999:1. The interface, the quality of the livestream, chances to win are all incredible! 

Baccarat Squeeze 

Another creation by Evolution Gaming which doesn’t stop surprising its players! As we all know, baccarat is a well-known game traditionally played with live dealers. And Squeeze edition is almost the same as its classic version but with some slight modifications which make the gameplay even more amusing! This type of Baccarat gave us delayed revealing of cards to increase the players’ foretaste and provide more strong feelings that will be hard to forget soon!

As always, the game is a high quality one, as you could expect from these developers. Good design, user-friendly interface, navigation system — these all make a great experience! And a great advantage is obviously that users can play with alternative money

Blackjack White

It seems that this list is full of Evolution titles and this one is not an exception. The White version of blackjack is as enjoyable as a classic game, and the obvious advantage is that it's played with altcoins. In the White variant, stakes are higher than in a traditional game. The livestreaming is flawless, nice and user-friendly interface, impressive graphics, new exciting features included in the gameplay make the game one of the best titles existing. Moreover, users are able to use some tricky side bets to increase your chances, for instance, 21+3 or Perfect Pairs. 

Crypto-friendly Live Dealer Casinos

After we have introduced some most prominent altcoins to you and got acquainted with the most commonly played altcoins titles, we can proceed to the casinos that process payments with alternative coins. As you may have noticed, many operators have famous cryptos in the list of available payment methods, but only a small percentage of them accept Altcoins. So, let’s have a look at those who do:

BitCasino is a renowned online platform known for its payment available options in particular. So, it processes the operations not only with cryptos, but also Alternative money. The website was created in 2013. Actually, it was the first-ever platform to present such options. Bitcasino holds a licence by Curacao and its live collection is full of titles by such studios as Microgaming, famous team of Ezugi and, of course, Evolution.

The selection of titles covers baccarat, blackjack, various slot machines, roulette, and poker tables. It is vast and impressive. Players are welcome to enjoy thirty diverse live dealer releases, and the list includes private tables together with iconic games as DreamCatcher, Dragon Tiger variant, and so many more! All are streamed flawlessly and have great design decisions. The most prominent advantages of this exact casino are:

  • Collection of more that 600 great quality titles.
  • Depositing and cashouts don’t have limits.
  • The list of Altcoins covers 33 options, some of them are LTC, DOGE and XPR.
  • Bonus system.
  • More than fifty live titles. mainly focuses on sports bookmaking, and in addition to that they care of the gamblers who also enjoy live dealer releases and other games. The platform has a vast collection of titles for players to find exactly what they want. The developers of the website created an easy system of navigation and nice interface. All games are categorised into sections so that users wouldn’t get lost. is powered by ShapeShift which allows users to pay with not only Bitcoins but Alternative coins like DOGE, PPC and LTC. The collection of games comprise different slot machines, jackpots, poker, various table games including live titles. The selection of live games has to offer 31 options for gamblers. Among hundreds of slots you may find such tremendously cool releases. We want to notice that the casino operates legally holding a licence issued by Curacao. The most prominent advantages of this exact Alt-casino are: 

  • Incredible design.
  • Vast collection of titles with live dealer ones.
  • ShapeShift as affiliate, many Alt-solutions as a result.
  • Profitable bonus system and promotions.

Fortune Jack is an online platform that was established in the year 2014 and throughout the years it has acquired a reputation of one of the greatest crypto-casinos in the online gambling world. The website is powered by great developers as the well-known Evolution, the team of Ezugi and two more which already sounds quite promising since these are the most prominent studios existing.

The catchy site has lots of amazing graphics and simple lay-out. The collection of releases includes all kinds of games like live dealer releases, slot machines, table games and so much more to discover!  The selection of live releases is especially interesting — it has more than thirty various games. We highlighted the most prominent advantages of this exact Alt-casino: 

  • First, of course, the game selection provided by incredible studios.
  • Vast presentation of live dealer releases.
  • DOGE, LTC, ZEC, BTC Cash, and XMR are among possible methods of payment.
  • Great client support.
  • Impressive collection of beneficial bonuses and various promotions.

As follows from the article, these alternative money gain more popularity everyday. They conquer the gambling universe and live dealer offers especially. We made this review for you to know how these altcoins differentiate and what is their purpose. We wish you good luck in your Alt-gambling adventure!