BetGames.TV launches the renovated Rock Paper Scissors in a real croupier mode

A great live croupier provider BetGames.TV has enhanced its excellent portfolio with the variation of Rock Paper Scissors title. The title has a long history which dates back to the Han Dynasty in ancient China, and it is actually a world popular game. Moreover, the release of the title has created a total boom among the live croupier fans so read more about it in our short article. Once you’ve decided to try this unique title, get ready to change your gambling expectations — because the gameplay may seem too exotic for the first time. So the gambler should compete with a real croupier in real time, but first he should choose a proper gambling zone. The first zone has less risk involved and is coloured in silver while the second one is coloured in gold which means the higher level or risk.

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Image BetGames.TV launches the renovated Rock Paper Scissors in a real croupier mode


Daniel Collins


Official Statement

What about the gameplay? Each zone has a real dealer that holds a deck of 24 cards. The deck includes eight scissors, eight rock and eight paper cards. In the beginning of the session each player receives only one card at one zone. Mind the fact that every single wagering round is only 20 seconds, so the gambler needs to pick out the amount of stake and the wagering zone (he’s able to choose both) in 20 seconds. Right after the real croupier opens his cards the game ends — it may end either in a loss, in a win or in a tie. So go and try out!

Vygerdas Jonikas as a founder and CPO of the BetGames.TV has commented on the brand new release of the studio. He said that while creating brand new innovative online titles there’s always something prudential in referring to the worldwide classics just like Rock Paper Scissors. Vygerdas Jonikas has also added that in comparison with the other trendy titles presented by the studio this title suits well into the set of modern online real croupier titles because of its rapid gameplay and uncomplicated rules. Jonikas is proud of the website’s products, and he admits the fact that the developers truly believe that the title they’ve created will become the trendiest among the modern gamblers from all over the world.

More About the Brand

BetGames.TV is considered to be a fresh developing provider of various live dealer games. Right after the studio was established in 2012 its products have become extremely popular in the gambling market. The main feature of the studio is the creation of totally fresh ideas and innovative brand new products which are highly appreciated all over the world. The studio’s headquarters is situated in Vilnius, Lithuania and has various hubs in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Their portfolio involves such exciting titles as Lucky 6 and Lucky 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets and the prominent Wheel of Fortune.