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Blackjack is unquestionably one of the most popular online casino games worldwide. Due to its magnificent payouts, easy-to-implement strategy and disconcertingly easy rules, blackjack has become a classic and essential game in the world of casinos. This timeless game has also been immortalized in many films. We all have in mind “Las Vegas 21” with Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey or even “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. There are many reasons why you should play blackjack for free, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player.

You can learn all the basic rules of blackjack and experiment with your strategies without taking any financial risk. If you have never played this game before and would like to experience it, try our free game immediately. Playable from your computer or mobile device, this game is sure to keep you excited for hours. Click on the 'Play for free' button above and start a wild game!

Author: Jeff Woods

Published: 4 January 2024

Blackjack Demo Games List 📝

We offer you below a selection of the best free online casino games to immediately have fun playing online Blackjack. Each game generally has variations in terms of the rules and/or the winnings obtained. For more details, you can consult the help menu in these blackjack games.

Free Online Blackjack vs Real Money Blackjack 🔎

While we offer a free no download online blackjack version on this page, many players also enjoy playing real money blackjack. Free or not, each version defends itself because both offer advantages and a gaming experience of their own. Here is a brief overview explaining the advantages and disadvantages of free blackjack, it's up to you to choose the one you prefer!

  • Ideal way to learn the basic rules of blackjack and apply them in practice;
  • No risk of losing money while making bets in demo mode;
  • An excellent opportunity you to try new strategies and check their effectiveness;
  • Useful for learning different blackjack variants;
  • Free online games are fun and won't stress you out because you don't have to make real money bets.
  • Most attractive casino bonuses are not available in demo mode;
  • You will not be able to withdraw and enjoy your winnings;
  • Some versions of blackjack and live blackjack are not available to play for free.

Why Play Free Blackjack? 🃏

Our free blackjack game will virtually catapult you to one of the most illustrious destinations in the gaming world: the aptly named “Sin City”. With one difference: it will cost you nothing! The amount you choose to spend on this game is completely fictitious. By playing blackjack online for free, you will be able to test the different variants of the game. These may have completely different rules from the classic version, in which case you would be well advised to take an interest in them to find out if they suit you or not. 

Try Free Blackjack

Apart from learning the rules, strategies and types of bets, you will also be able to familiarize yourself with the different versions of blackjack offered by the famous providers. In effect, you may be unhappy with some editors due to lack of usability or design issue. Thus, by playing for free on different versions, you will be able to determine the one that best meets your expectations for the day you decide to switch to real money.

Variations of Online Blackjack 🕹️

The advantage of playing Blackjack online is to be able to discover a multitude of different variants that cannot be found in traditional casinos. These variants sometimes bring very slight modifications, but other titles can greatly improve the player's experience as well as allow him to reduce the house advantage. Testing the different versions of free online blackjack in demo mode is a good way to find out which variant suits you best. Here are the main ones that you will find in our guide:

Blackjack Version Game Features
American Blackjack In American Blackjack, the dealer deals himself a visible and a non-visible card, once everyone has 2 cards, he can check whether he has made Blackjack or not and can immediately win the game if he is the only one to have blackjack. Apart from the way of dealing the cards which is different from the European version, you will find the abandonment exclusively in the American version. In addition, the possibility of doubling his bet is available regardless of the combination that the player has.
European Blackjack European Blackjack is the most common version, the difference with American Blackjack is mainly in the way of dealing the cards. The dealer will deal only one face up card and get his other cards once the players have finished drawing. The player can thus try to obtain a Blackjack or a 21 before the croupier. The rule of “the bank draws to 16 and stays at 17” is not systematically applied in this variant. Doubling is possible only if the player has a hand between 9 and 11.

Blackjack Switch


Here on the contrary, this variant will attract connoisseurs of blackjack since it allows you to play from the start with two different hands. It will of course be necessary to put an identical bet at the start on both hands, but it will then be possible to double one or the other and, ultimately, it will even be possible to exchange your cards from one hand to another. other, hence the name "Switch" of this version. On the other hand, it is the dealer who will win in the event of a tie at 21, but this variant remains the one where the odds are most in your favour.

Blackjack Gold

This version is ideal for beginners who are serious about getting into blackjack and learning how to count cards. Indeed, in Blackjack Gold, only one deck of cards is used against 6 or 8 decks for a classic blackjack, making card counting much more difficult. This advantage offered to the player is therefore very interesting, but it will be countered by the fact that it will only be possible to double his bet with a total of 9, 10 or 11 in hand. For the rest, the rules are identical to the usual rules of blackjack.
Blackjack Live Blackjack Live is ideal for playing blackjack online while sharing a moment with a real live dealer. This variant of blackjack is made possible since publishers have casino rooms exclusively reserved for online players. You will be able to communicate with the dealer through an online chat and enjoy a more entertaining gaming experience.

There are other types of online blackjack such as 5 Hand which allows you to play 5 games at a time, Single Deck to play only one game, Caribbean 21 allowing you to separate two cards regardless of their value and to double a second time after having already doubled his bet. For those who would like to play blackjack online with friends, it will be necessary to privilege the version of free online blackjack multiplayer, so you can play games with your loved ones on the same table while sharing your best moves. 3D Blackjack will provide a more rewarding visual experience for a moment of grand entertainment. Try Free Online Blackjack to experience every version of this classic game.

Basic Blackjack Rules 🎲

To win at blackjack, you must draw cards until your hand reaches 21 or comes as close as possible without exceeding 21. Blackjack is usually played with six decks of 52 cards. Each player plays only against the dealer independently of other players. The players and the croupier begin by receiving 2 face up cards, but the dealer leaves only one card face up. Aces can be worth 1 or 11 (your choice depending on which is more advantageous), face cards (King, Queen, Jack) are worth 10, and number cards (2, 3, ... 9) are worth their own number (e.g. 8 counts as 8 points).

How is a blackjack game played?

After the first deal when you have received your first 2 cards, you have the option to draw another card ("Hit") or to stop drawing cards ( "Stand" ). The player can continue to draw as many cards as he wishes. On the other hand the croupier must obligatorily continue to draw cards until a total of at least 17 and must then stop. If at the end of the draws you get a better total than the dealer, but without exceeding 21, you win the same amount as your bet (eg your bet is $20, you receive $40).

If your total is greater than 21, then you bust and you must lose your bet, regardless of the dealer's cards. If you get a total identical to that of the dealer, then there is a tie and you therefore recover your bet ( "Push" ). If your first 2 cards total 21, then you get what is called a blackjack and win your bet with a ratio of 3 to 2 (ex: you bet $10, you receive $25), but only if the dealer also does not have a blackjack (in this case it is a push). Important precision, a blackjack wins a hand of 21 points.

Knowing that the rules are the same for the player and the croupier, one might think that we are on a level playing field with him with the same chances of winning. This is not entirely correct: indeed, the croupier has a small advantage in the long term from the fact of playing last after the players, because when a player exceeds 21 the croupier wins in any case whatever his cards are.

Additional Blackjack Rules

There are a few more blackjack rules you need to be aware of in order to become a successful blackjack player. We will cover the most important of them below:

  • Double Down: after the first 2 cards have been dealt, if you don't have blackjack and you think your chances of beating the dealer are good, you can double your bet if you wish; in this case you therefore bet the double initially played, but you then necessarily receive an additional card and only one. According to the casinos, the possibility of doubling down is limited to certain hands (for example, total of 9 or 10).
  • Split: when your first 2 cards are identical, you have the possibility of splitting them, that is to say that you will play with 2 games against the dealer, and your initial bet will therefore be doubled. This can be interesting with a pair of face cards or a pair of aces because then the chances of beating the dealer are higher. But beware, a total of 21 after splitting does not count as blackjack, and usually in casinos after splitting a pair of aces only one side card can be drawn per game.
  • Insurance: when the croupier has an ace as an up card, he offers to insure against the possibility of him getting a blackjack: to accept, you must additionally bet half of your starting bet. If the dealer has a blackjack with his second card, the insurance amount is paid with a ratio of 2 to 1, which means that you get back all of your bets. But if the dealer does not get a blackjack, then you will lose the insurance amount and the game will continue with the normal rules.

A Few Basic Tips for Free Blackjack Games 🎰

In the blackjack game made available to you free of charge, the rules are perfectly identical to those of the real money blackjack games available in online casinos: get a blackjack, force the dealer to bust or simply obtain a combination of cards whose value is as close as possible to 21 points.

  1. Taking dealer's insurance is not considered very beneficial in the long run.
  2. When you get a total of 17, it is strongly advised to stop hitting, because the probability of exceeding 21 is then high.
  3. When you get with your first two cards a total of 10 or 11, then you can double without thinking, unless the dealer has an ace, because the probability is good to get a blackjack or a higher hand than the dealer.
  4. If you get with your first 2 cards a total between 12 and 16, and the dealer with his first card has between 2 and 6, it is generally advisable not to draw an additional card. Why? Because with 12 or more, it is easy for you to go over 21 by drawing a figure or a ten; and the dealer, with a value of at most 6 with his first card, will probably have to draw an additional card after his second card because he has the obligation to draw up to 17, which therefore increases the probability that he exceeds 21.
  5. You can split a pair of 8s or a pair of aces without hesitation.

Our Best Casinos to Play Blackjack Online for Real Money in 2023 ⭐

If you think real money blackjack is for you, we can help you get started. Our team of experts has selected the best casinos to play blackjack online. has evaluated popular blackjack casinos to select only the safest, most trusted casinos that offer players the best options for playing blackjack. By following our recommendations, you can have fun in a serious environment in complete safety. Besides blackjack, players can enjoy free roulette, free baccarat, free slots and free poker and at the recommended online casinos.

Free Play Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions

💰 Can we play online blackjack for free on your site?

Yes, and you have a choice of free blackjack games on this page. They come from many providers, offer you very interesting variants and are completely free. No registration and no download will be required, take the opportunity to have fun and gain experience!

💰 Are the rules of online blackjack the same as land-based blackjack?

When it is a standard version, the game rules are similar. However, there are a large number of blackjack variations and each time there are new nuances and rules to take into account. However, the fundamental rule of being as close as possible to 21 without going over is often respected.

💰 Are there live blackjack games with live dealers?

Yes, and it is even an essential table game for all software specialized in the live casino. The most famous live blackjack games with live dealers are currently the following: Perfect Blackjack from Netent, Infinite Blackjack from Evolution Gaming or Sonya Blackjack (3D game) from Yggdrasil Gaming. Unfortunately, live games cannot be played for free.

💰 How to practice blackjack online?

The best ways to train and refine your strategy is obviously to train on the free versions that we offer where you will not risk losing money. Take your time, learn to control your bets, understand the probabilities of the game and consult our recommendations on the strategies to follow to optimize your chances of winning.

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