The Live Casino Reviews 2024

The Live Casino Reviews 2024

Welcome to — the exclusive site where you can find everything about live casinos, tips and tricks for playing in real time. We have set ourselves the task of taking a closer look at modern live casinos and software providers. First of all, our readers, and especially beginners, should first learn more about the topic of live casino. What exactly does "playing live" mean and what should you pay attention to? All this and many other topics can be found here on our site.

Live dealer casinos are becoming increasingly popular. You have a great advantage over the local casino, because here you can play around the clock. The real casino atmosphere comes up immediately. Imitating it is probably the greatest challenge for live casino providers. Many online casinos now work with providers such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech, because they are the best when it comes to live dealer games.

Top Live Casinos Tested 🏆

As a player, you should not immediately plunge into the adventure of live casino, but choose your favorite provider wisely. The selection on the World Wide Web is now gigantic, but not every casino is suitable for live games. After all, both the quality and the chances of winning must be right. At least, nobody should have any influence on the real coincidence, as it only exists at the live table — neither the casino nor the player. Now, from a qualitative point of view, we recommend the following top live casinos:

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Live casinos haven't been around for too long. Only a few years old, they have already taken the hearts of millions of players by storm. The game form certainly has advantages — it combines the feeling of a real casino with the comfort that can only be enjoyed at home. Certainly, RNG gaming tables have become a good alternative to offline casinos. They allow you to expand your own know-how at almost no cost. However, these virtual games lack a bit of "reality".

The flair of a real casino comes into its own eye to eye with real croupiers. Our mission is therefore above all to find the best live casinos and software for you, to test them in detail and to evaluate them. Live games can vary greatly in their quality — a fact that laymen usually do not notice so quickly, but which can have a negative effect.

The Right Choice of Live Casino 🔎

Good quality and fair chances of winning have their price — a price that primarily has to be borne by the live casino itself. Due to the fact that the casino studios are associated with high costs, they are usually not operated by the casino itself, but by well-known and renowned software providers. The rent usually includes real gaming tables, such as blackjack, roulette, poker and other exciting live games, but staff must also be available. After all, without live dealers, playing would not be realistic. The following providers specialize in the area and offer first-class gaming opportunities:

Evolution Gaming
Pragmatic Play
Authentic Gaming

Evolution Gaming is fully committed to live gaming. The company operates two studios that transfer their tables to the online casino in real time. A big advantage of the company is that several languages can be offered. More and more casino operators who conclude contracts with Evolution Gaming are now benefiting from this.

Playtech has also discovered the trend of the time for itself and offers in-house live casino platforms. Again, Playtech has opted to stream the games in two different studios. One was focused on Asia. The dealers can certainly see their professionalism. They are obviously not laymen.

Microgaming. While Playtech makes rapid progress, then Microgaming will of course stay on the heels of the company. A total of three studios are operated by the gambling company. However, there are some flaws in the live casinos that choose Microgaming — including the fact that live chat with croupiers and dealers is not possible.

Criteria of Our Live Casino Reviews 📝

If you look around on forums, you will quickly notice that the assessment of online casinos always resonates with a certain subjective view. However, the challenge of our team is to evaluate providers as objectively as possible. For this reason, there are some criteria on that make the evaluation easier. Thus, the assessment is not only objective, but also fair to the companies. Our goal is to present readers exclusively reputable live casinos. Those who meet all our requirements have earned their place on these pages. So. here are the objective criteria under which we test live casinos:

Live Casinos Review

🎲 What is the quality of the games?

When deciding on a live casino, it's not just about experiencing as much choice as possible, ultimately the quality has to be right. And what good are 100 live roulette tables if you prefer baccarat or blackjack? Balance therefore plays a very important role in the tests. The more variety is offered in high quality, the more pleasant the stay in the live casino.

💰 How do deposits and withdrawals work?

Another criterion that should not be underestimated. If you want to play for real money, you want to be sure that transactions work quickly and securely. Reputable companies offer their players all the important options to choose from — from live casino with PayPal or Skrill to classic bank transfer, Giropay or similar systems. Security is the top priority for all payment providers. And of course, the more providers are available, the more pleasant it is.

🆓 Are there any fees?

For many games, fees are deducted — especially in the live area. However, there are large differences between the individual providers in terms of the amount of these additional costs. Live casinos that deduct only a small part of the stake as a fee are generally preferable. A direct comparison is therefore always worthwhile. It is also important that such costs are listed transparently by the operator.

👨‍💻 What software do you use?

Player safety should also come first in live casinos. Nowadays, only a few companies work with in-house software. Instead, they rely on reputable providers, such as Evolution Gaming or Extreme Live Gaming. Regardless of which studio is chosen, security should be a top priority for all these companies. For example, the results must be random. A shutdown mechanism can also be beneficial. After all, it is immensely important to prevent gambling addiction. Gambling halls on site are well positioned in this point. At least in terms of security, live casinos must meet these standards.

Live Dealers

📱 Is there a mobile app?

The mobile gaming industry is trendy, and it will certainly not subside so quickly in the coming years. This makes it all the more important that live casinos offer a mobile alternative to the desktop version. More and more companies rely on apps, or they provide HMTL5 sites with which it is possible to play on any smartphone and tablet without prior installation.

🙋 Is customer service well positioned?

Questions can arise when you are in a live casino for the first time. This makes it all the more elementary that customer service is always available. Many companies rely on 24/7 support, while others set fixed times. Options such as the hotline, an e-mail address and the possibility to reach employees in live chat ensure a maximum of trust. The better the employees are available, the easier it is to enjoy the fun in the live casino untroubled.

💸 Are winnings paid out easily?

This is exactly where the biggest sticking point of some online live casinos can be found. Dubious companies not only take far too much time with the payout of profits, they often refuse it with flimsy justifications. If you want to get a place on our pages, you have to pay out winnings reliably, safely and quickly. The fact that there is no booking at the weekend is no reason for negative criticism. However, a transaction should not take longer than four business days.

🎁 Are there any special bonus promotions?

Especially in the live casino you rarely benefit from a promotion or the typical welcome bonus. It is important for us that bonuses can be implemented at live tables — at least proportionally. In addition to the bonus amount, the sales conditions should also be fair. After all, $1,000 and more are of no use if you can't play through them in the given period of time.

What games are offered? 🃏

Due to the technological limitations, it is currently only possible for providers to offer gaming tables. Slots, on the other hand, can hardly be implemented as live versions. Net Entertainment tried this only once — but the slot machine was clearly a flop. Now, they continue to focus on the good old classics that make up a real casino.

Live Roulette

Roulette is by far the oldest and most popular game of chance in the world. No provider comes around, at least the most important variants to include French (also European) and American Roulette in the portfolio. However, most corporations are much trickier and provide their customers with a huge selection of live roulette games. There is no provider who does not have at least a few live roulette tables to offer.

Live Blackjack

Among card games, live blackjack is still the classic par excellence. Even privately, many play this game — mostly under the name "17 and 4". Live blackjack is not so varied, but here too the providers have implemented some very interesting ideas. These can be found in various casinos.

Live Baccarat

Even if many see the parallels to blackjack: Baccarat is and remains an independent card game with its own goal and different betting options. As a live baccarat variant, the classic makes a lot. However, it is not yet as popular as blackjack. However, if you stop by the live casino, you will at least find a gaming table of this kind.

Casino Holdem

Whether casino hold'em, three card or other types: Poker is part of the good sound of every provider in the live games sector. Even the youngest customers are very familiar with this game. At Casino Holdem, gambling is even more fun. And indeed, live poker is much more versatile than initially assumed. The card game is one of the later introductions, while Live Roulette and Blackjack have been on the market for several years now.

Live Dealer Games

Casino Fraud — What to Look Out For 🕵️‍♂️

At least in theory, it is hardly possible for the online casino to cheat its players. Nevertheless, black sheep in the industry always find ways to deprive their customers of money. They could, for example, fake malfunctions or manipulation on the part of the player. To prevent this, various regulatory authorities in the world are stepping in. This makes it all the more important to rely exclusively on licensed live casinos. Most of these are licensed by the MGA Malta. Alternatively, casinos also work quite well under Gibraltar's regulation.

The seals of approval make it easier for laymen to recognize reputable live providers. This includes, among other things, the eCOGRA, whose seal is very often seen. Fraud at the tables themselves is virtually impossible. Webcams broadcast the entire game from different perspectives. Players can therefore follow live when which cards are drawn or whether the dealer makes any cards disappear. You should already know the tips and tricks of the industry in order to completely rule out fraud. However, as explained, it always makes sense to rely on the aforementioned seals and authorities. They monitor the live casinos regularly and pay particular attention to fair payouts.

By the way, the live chat is a wonderful way to test the seriousness of the casino. Recordings of games can thus be largely excluded. Since everything is recorded, there is also the option to contact support and get a copy.

Real Money Mode or Rather Free? 💵

The providers we tested are open around the clock. This alone distinguishes them from most land-based casinos, which are subject to regular closing times. Of course, despite all the appeal, one must not forget that the operation of the play areas, which are actually real, is associated with enormous costs. The companies have to get these in somehow — including the personnel costs, because there are several croupiers and dealers employed in each Live Casino. In order to cover costs and continue to offer the games, the play money mode and free games were deliberately left out in live casinos. In the end, customers are only left to play for real money. The amounts are usually limited. Starting at 10 cents per game, it is possible to try your luck at the roulette table, blackjack and poker.

Our details of the positive casino reviews ⭐

  1. All providers listed with us are fully regulated and licensed by trustworthy authorities.
  2. Seriousness and traceability for a safe gaming pleasure.
  3. Fair Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions also for Live Casino Games.
  4. Easy payout, player protection and responsible handling of customers.
  5. Permanently tested and controlled software for fair play.
  6. Secure transactions with SSL encryption based on a 2048-bit key.
  7. Offer of international payment methods.

Usually roulette, blackjack, baccarat and in the best case also poker are offered. So, there can be no question of huge differences. And yet the providers of online casinos are becoming more and more clever when it comes to the variations of the basic games. For example, there is the possibility to choose between European and American Roulette, between Omaha, Texas Hold'em and other types of poker. Especially the multi-brand casinos are the ones who have live games to offer in abundance. Boredom certainly does not come up so quickly here.

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All Online Casinos in One List ✅

On the following page, you will find the best live casino at a glance. Of course, we did not compile them arbitrarily, but carried out extensive tests. Various criteria were used, against which each provider can be easily measured against the competition. For laymen, it is certainly not an easy challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff — if only because live providers usually differ only very slightly from each other. The big similarities lie in the selection of basic games.

What makes the live casino so special?

No opening hours to observe and still enjoy the ambience of a real casino. These are actually the most important attributes of a good live casino. The dealers or croupiers are available around the clock — at least in most cases. It goes without saying that live dealer games are aimed in particular at friends of classic entertainment. Finally, there are still no live slot machines, and that will probably never change.

Another big plus: No high budget is needed. Live roulette and other games are often playable from just a few cents. In any local casino you would be ridiculed for such bets. Due to the most available live chat function, communication with croupiers is possible. This creates an even more realistic gaming environment that is in no way inferior to that of a real casino.

A trusting basis between casino & player:

  • It is not always advisable to rely on technology. Random number generators, which are used in virtual games — including slots — are completely eliminated in the live casino.
  • Here the real coincidence plays you with a little luck, and it is actually difficult to manipulate. Certainly, there are unfair providers who even think of fraud on this basis. However, the casinos we tested are absolutely reputable, reliable and fair.
  • Won the main prize? Then nothing stands in the way of a payout. With live games, the operators create a basis of trust, which in the end also has positive effects on all other categories. And precisely because luck cannot be influenced, playing live is much more fun than sitting at virtual tables.

VR casinos

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly important — especially in the gambling industry. In 2016, some providers have already succeeded in developing the first VR slot machines and live tables. 2024 could therefore be forward-looking! It is safe to assume that VR casinos will quickly prevail, because users can hardly wish for a reliatic gaming experience.

Technologically, virtual reality casinos are on the rise. We have been hearing about this development for several years, but it has only now recorded resounding successes in the field of online casinos. Especially on live casinos, the VR experience can be used wonderfully. Real croupiers to touch? This is exactly what companies like Net Entertainment want to achieve. Also, in the field of VR slot machines a lot was recently demonstrated at the ICE. NetEnt has managed to take the popular slot Gonzo's Quest into a new dimension.

Sometimes, live casinos are realistically structured, but ultimately do not allow players to enter the world of casinos and completely hide their own four walls. VR casinos should change exactly that, because with the help of the innovative technology, players will then be able to experience the casino up close and enjoy a tour that is beyond the imagination of an average player. We are excited to see when the first VR Live Casinos will open their doors. In fact, various providers are already working at full speed to make the future-oriented technology socially acceptable soon.

Check out rating of the most trusted live casinos:

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Of course, you may think that adapting live games to devices with a small screen is very difficult, but this is not the case. All the most famous live game manufacturers have already adapted their products to work flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. Even if your device has a rather small screen, the game successfully adjusts to the features of your gadget and delivers the best possible streaming quality. All this has become possible due to technical progress and the introduction of modern HTML5 technologies. The largest selection of live games is accessible to those players who use devices that are powered with Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, you can play in your browser just by visiting the mobile variant of the casino website via your device. Also, if you have already decided on your favorite casino and want to have it at hand, you can download a special application to your device, and it will provide even better graphics and download speed of games. As you can see, the industry continues its rapid development, and you only need a smartphone and a stable internet connection in order to enjoy the best live games now. 

Yes, you can definitely trust reliable live casinos that have a good reputation and an official license. We advise you to select only licensed casinos, as you can definitely be safe while playing on their sites. All official licenses are issued by prominent gambling regulators only to those casinos that have passed very strict checks on compliance with all security and customer service standards. Besides, the games on these sites are regularly tested by experienced specialists from special agencies who control the fairness and correctness of the gameplay. You also have no reason to worry about the safety of your personal and banking data, as modern casinos use credible encryption methods and other state-of-the-art technologies that effectively prevent data leakage. If you are not sure that you can choose a reliable casino yourself, you can refer to our rating of recommended gambling sites, as all the casinos from this list are verified and known for providing fair services. Speaking of live games separately, many players have even more confidence in these games, since gamblers have the opportunity to directly supervise the dealer's work from different angles, and the entire gaming session is recorded.

Of course, all live games are hosted by well-trained and attentive dealers, but we should not forget about the human factor, and even the most experienced professionals may make a mistake one day. So, if you suddenly notice that the croupier has committed an error, you should not worry, since all broadcasts of live games are recorded, and these records are stored in the archives of the casino. Also, there is a manager or pit boss whose main task is to control the order and work of all croupiers in the casino. Therefore, you should contact the main manager, who will immediately review all records and decide whether an error really took place.

Yes, the majority of modern games offer a convenient live chat where you can send a message to the host. The live dealers always politely communicate with players and are happy to answer all questions regarding the game. However, the dealers will not always have the opportunity to respond immediately, as they may be busy with the game process. Most professional dealers are fluent in English, but if you would like to play in your own language, then you can choose one of native tables. The leading developers offer an impressive selection of native tables nowadays.