World Cup Themed Live Roulette is Launched by NetEnt

It is hard to argue that sport events are the most popular type of entertainment that has a lot of fans and admirers all over the world. Sport events fans know that when there are some championships taking place, especially world famous like FIFA, UEFA, Champion League or National League, it definitely guarantees you a lot of excitement, passionate emotional outburst and immersion into outstanding competitive atmosphere.

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Image World Cup Themed Live Roulette is Launched by NetEnt


Daniel Collins


Exciting Online Championship

Almost all types of sports have a lot of fans all over the world. You can meet live football fans who like to participate in the bleachers of the stadium as well as online or TV football enjoyers, who would rather stay at home or visit some local sport establishments with friends to share unforgettable memories or even you may be a sport events fan who prefers both of these entertainments. Sometimes sport events fans enjoy gambling. For some amateur and experienced fans these championships are a resource to place bets and predictions on winning for the favorite team. Thus, these gamblers combine business with pleasure by mixing positive emotions from the game process and the winning bets.

The gambling and bet establishments used this opportunity a long time ago and provide sport bets maybe since the major sporting events appeared. But for some gamblers sport betting, casino games and live sport games have little in common, so NetEnt, a famous casino games developer, had an attempt to combine all of these societies to provide the exciting online championships and online roulette experience they will definitely enjoy.

Exclusive Roulette Experience

As you may notice, the preparations to the sport event broadcasting are also no less fascinating than the championship itself. To pass the time before the event starts, people do different activities, and for sport matches fans and gamblers who enjoy different sport events famous Swedish gambling games developer NetEnt launched an exclusive roulette in honor of FIFA World Cup product called World Cup Themed Roulette. Please don’t think that to play this roulette there are some championships that must take place. You can enjoy this World Cup Themed Roulette before the championship starts and not to miss the beginning of the match every world cup roulette lobby has a board with countdown timer.

World Cup Themed Roulette is a variation of the European Roulette, it has the same rules and conditions, where gamblers can place bets on the sectors of roulette while enjoying sport events, gathering latest match results, statistics and the comments of a competent live dealer. NetEnt considered this game as a fun and enjoyable live sports experience which will allow players to be in touch with current gaming results and real time gaming situations, while closely following live broadcasting. The live dealer will comment on the present situation on what is happening and ready to discuss and share the point of view with the visitors of the lobby, creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that every roulette and sport events enjoyer will appreciate. During the tournaments NetEnt will offer different promo-actions and gifting daily giveaways and prizes with a total amount of more than $70,000!

Sport Events

Henrik Fagerlund, the NetEnt Business Processes Officer says that NetEnt is pleased to present this Sport Themed Roulette with the possibility to allow players to receive a daily gifts, bonuses, promotions and gives a chance to entertain themselves with live sports championships thrill, providing actual information about the results and statistics of the sport match.