Evolution Introduces Instant Super Sic Bo: Anticipating the Unveiling

In a bold move, Evolution, the trailblazing live casino software provider, has announced the imminent release of Instant Super Sic Bo, a game that promises to redefine the live dealer landscape. Set to launch on November 11, this innovation comes hot on the heels of other Evo releases like Funky Time and Red Door Roulette.

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Image Evolution Introduces Instant Super Sic Bo: Anticipating the Unveiling


Daniel Collins


The game might appear to be a simple update to the popular Super Sic Bo, but a closer look reveals intriguing features that set it apart. The game-changer here is the 'Instant' aspect, a novel concept that introduces a level of flexibility never seen before in live casino games.

Play on Your Terms: Unleashing Instant Super Sic Bo

The standout feature of this game is the freedom to place bets at any moment, yielding nearly instantaneous results. This departure from the traditional structure of live casino games challenges the established norms, providing players with a new and dynamic gaming experience.

Evolution Introduces Instant Super Sic Bo

Unlike most live casino games with structured betting periods, Instant Super Sic Bo allows players to engage in continuous betting. The Sic Bo dice roll incessantly in a loop, eliminating the constraints of defined rounds and downtime.

The mechanics are elegantly simple – place your bet, and it becomes active in the very next round. With the rapid pace of Sic Bo dice rolls and quick settlement of bets, players experience minimal waiting time, if any at all. The result? Instant gratification for those seeking swift and seamless gameplay.

Pros and Cons of Instant Play: A Paradigm Shift

The advantages of this design are clear – no downtime, no waiting around for your turn; just pure, unadulterated gameplay. However, as with any innovation, there are dissenting voices.

For some players, the anticipation and interaction during quiet moments are integral to the gaming experience. Instant Super Sic Bo's fast-paced action might leave less time for contemplation, socializing, or strategizing. Notably, games like blackjack, with their slower pace, may not be suitable for this high-speed approach.

Yet, this seemingly subtle game could be the precursor to a wave of similar concepts that reshape the way we engage with live casino games. Evolution's foray into instant-play gaming is undeniably thought-provoking, offering a glimpse into the future of online casino experiences. While some may prefer the luxury of time for decision-making, others may find the thrill of instant results irresistible.

Evolution's Instant Super Sic Bo stands as a testament to the industry's ongoing evolution, challenging norms and presenting players with an exciting new frontier in live dealer entertainment.